702- Make Time

Source:  Dark&Lovely (Dshorty85@aol.com)

you say you wanna be the one
but still you leave ????
you only call me when you free
but you know
that it ain't
good enough for me

you always dipping with your friends
as you out there making ends
and now you knocking on door
but i guess you were too busy before

you betta make time
if you want to be with me
can't you see
show me i
got every thing you need
betta think twice
if you wanna be with me
next to me
you wanna take a ride you betta make the time(2 times)

there's other places i can be
if you not careful
you might see
me out there with somebody else
if you do
you can only blame it on yourself

i'm feeling you without a doubt
but i know how to do without
so don't you call me on the phone
late at night
when you don't want to be alone

don't wanna be a part time lover
i got to be one or just another

gonna have to show me
you want to be a one and only
gonna have to prove to me
don't wanna be a part lover
i got to be just one or just another
repeat chourus till end


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