How Could You Leave - After 7

Source: Unknown

verse 1
I guess I figured out
That something was wrong
And that things have changed
Cause girl I sit by the phone
And I wait for your call
But the phone never rings
So I picked up the phone and called you at home
You're on the other line,
I wanna talk to you maybe
Even see you, you say you have no time

You started doing things that
You never did before, how could
Something so right turn out to be
Something so wrong

You thought the grass was greener
You thought the well had water
You thought that you could find a
Love another place
So how could you love this good thing

verse 2
We use to take long walks
And have long, long talks
On the telephone
You use to hold my hand in the
Shopping mall, I felt I was your own,
We stopped going out as much
I started feeling all alone
Girl you stopped telling me you loved me
Saying that you cared
But I still carried on

bridge 2
I thought we could work things out
But I just don't understand why
How could you leave someone patient
Like me for something so wrong


bridge 3
Even though you, broke my heart in two
I was just hanging on, trying to do what
Was right and you were already gone


bridge 4
When love came you went away
And if I see you again
Girl I would ask you how could you
Leave this good thing

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