Blue Light- Sex Is On My Mind

Source: tiffany powell

     on my mind,my mind
     my my my my mind
     sex is on my mind

     chourus:sex is on mind 
     (i wanna love you down if you let me)
     sex is on my mind
     (i wanna be the one that your sexin')

     i kniw she's heard it all before,
     but she was way to fine for me to know
     i new at this time i would have to come
     real so she would know exactly how i

     and i wanted her to be with me 
     kissin her lips is all my mind would think
     just one night alone and i can not wait 
     to hit that booty,yeah yeah yeah


     i finally got her all alone
     (got her all alone)
     i stared so hard i saw right through her clothes
     (saw right through her clothes)
     then i licked my lips 'cause i new today
     that i would finally get my way yeah,yeah

     girl you know you got me going crazy 
     losin' my mind it seems lately 
     girl you know you got me going crazy 
     all the time

     ad lib
     fade out slowly

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