Cool Breeze- That Good Good

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cool breeze:

I remember when I came came,I didn't have to ask nobody in the streets to scream
my name name,
cause we gotta lock on this whole city,A key to the dirty south and the south
coast now play wit it,
you can bring yo' semi thirty ah thirty,
If you put your hands on a Calhoun playa it's gon' get dirty dirty,
and everybody tring to claim boss,but dats just talk you don't really wanna turn
these mics off,
they tring to stick us wit our own slang,using our words like back-n-forth
just callin us up out our name,
see and fo' dat they gonna pay pay,
everything they did in one week i'm a do in one day,
so you can say that its about to start start,gon' call us rappers,
now a days a rapper ain't considered smart,
so i just say away from those haters,
and anybody in my click who roll wit me you a creator,
so its like who do you believe in? just like the hustler came back once,tha
clock is gon' strike  twelve again,
and I'm most requested in my old hood,from Martell to Springdell and all though
Club Candle Wood,
you can ask Coon Cane, or Dre High,
either po' boy, dirty red,or David cuz I'm PHI PHI,(guessing on PHI PHI)
And they consider me that raw raw,and your partners say you represent they say
you got that flaw flaw,
And Cool Breeze he got that hard hard,and ain't nobody taken nothing and don't
want nothing to start start,
So when I'm ridin' through the hood hood,
They respect me when they see me,cause they now I got that good good,

HOOK:  2x

That's right we got that good good,
from every street to every borrow and back to every hood hood,
that's right we got that good good,
from every street to every borrow and back to every hood hood,

Cool Breeze:

can't nobody touch my team team,just like E-Jake from southwest A-T-L my partner
got that green green,
and we gon' come through kickin the most game,
takin fo'sho rocks and pointing out the lame lame,
so when you come and you ride through,
It won't be no mystery who everybody listening to,(that's right)
cause all we do is stack stack,
and organize this noise and everybody know dat,
plus we testing out this new sound,
everybody done put it down,
now we breakin up some new ground,
cause we serve'em up that real real,
and be forever dirty south in this place we live live,
and thats what makes the brothers hawk hawk,
tring to step up and show case, but all that is is talk talk,
see Cool Breeze he ain't yo' fool fool,
so don't ask me no questions,
like what make me so cool cool,
they'd rather see me in the chain gang,
then roll in a V12 and ridin on them thang thangs,
I get respect out to Alabama,
to the west coast to the east then right back to Atlanta,
and thats how we keep it tight tight,
I come come through bussin  a dope verse and ship it out the same night,
So when I'm ridin through the hood hood,
they respect me when they see me,
cause they know I got that good good.

HOOK:     2x

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