Deborah Cox- It's Over Now
source: tanika
try to forget about it
ordinary things typical predictable 
baby i knew the end before it started
you got me feellin' like I owe you something
cause you were there at times when I had nothing
but you threw it all away 
with the shady thing you do
baby please forgive me
for what i'm bout to say
and what i'm bout to do
i can't take no more
i know you aint been true
aint got no love for you
you've been cheatin' and tellin' me lies
you've been creepin' while i'm sleepin' at night
and you've been chasin' every girl in sight
and you've been messin'round and lyin' down
its over now (2x)
(verse 2)
i ignore my intuition 
andpassed it off as a suspicion 
but you were just to bold
you kept puttin' it in my face
i cant deny i let you hurt me
(chourus 2x)
when you were down I helped to pick you up
instead you kept lookin' for the one
when allthe while what you was searching for
was in front of your face
just forget it
you'll regret it
its really over now
just turn around and watch me 
i'm gone
(chourus 2x) 

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