Dru Hill- I'm wondering

Source: christii99@aol.com

verse 1
two o clock and i'm all alone
callin you on the phone
wanna come over,but youain't home
get in my car and start to drive
yes i gotta take a ride
cause i feel lonely inside but
then i ran into your girlfriend
know she was your best friend
and if we mess around our love would end
but i take a sneak peek
cause the freak inme is beating me
tellin me to creep see

i'm wondering
if you know whats really
goin on/do you really have a clue
bout what i'm about to do to you

Now that were here alone
had to unplug the phone
just in case she calls
she'll think i'm not home
had something else to do/but now i'm here with you
what i had to do
has turned into you
she thinks that i'm faithful
cause her ride is paid for
and i got a crib for her
and her shorty
forbidden fruit is tasty
but you gotta lace me i'm shady
but you ain't worth my baby


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