Dru Hill- Real Freak
source: vanilla_swirl246@hotmail.com
1- I know you,
    What's your name?
    Play your game,
    I think I may,
    Your eyes-unique
    Your breast-Your feet
    Oh please tell me baby
chorus-Are you a real freak (baby tell me)
            Baby tell me (tell me what's it gonna be)
            Is it gonna be on the floor by the sofa
            Or in the door then back to the floor-like we did
            Baby stradle me,  by the t.v.
            Baby tell me-are you-really-a real freak
2- You the ish,
    Chinky Brown Eyes,
    You so fly,
    Tell me what you like,
    Let me hit it from the back,
    Let me nibble on your neck,
    Let me make you soak and wet,
    Baby please,  won't you let me (chorus)
3- Seems like you want to be,
    Holdin' me,  Touchin' me
    And now you tellin' me you want me
    Do you want me (yeah)
    Do you need me (yeah)
    Baby show me-That you want me,  yeah
(repeat chorus until fade)

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