Faith Evans w/ 112- Caramel Kisses

Source: Sam Johnson (

caramel kisses you send my way
i won't complain, just don't go away

you made my heart melt the other day,
when we laid by the fire in the of may
it was so romantic i'll say,
when you gave me your lovein your caramel way


many times before and many times again,
you'l recall to me the reasons why
you are more than my friend
it's not on;y because you were there for my kids,
it's the simple things like your caramel kiss.


living life with you can be so right,
loving you through th enight
your love is so amazing, baby
never have i felt a love like this,
baby, i can't resist
something about your kiss

caramel kisses, don't go away

caramel kisses, baby, don't go away

your caramel, you send my way
your caramel, don't go away

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