Gerald Levert- Taking Everything (Remix)

Source: Chynah (Chynah

Boy I told you don't call here no more
I ain't gonna tell you but one more time
Don't you call no more
I don't care what your mother say
I don't care what your father say
I don't care what your sister say
I don't care what them judges say
You can take my babies away

You ain't got no choice

Five years two kids and a dog
Boy I cooked for you even cleaned your dirty draws
Boy I trusted you But then I busted you
But it wasn't me baby see
Mercedes Benz famous friends and a maid
Always talking bout your heavy loan
While I busted my ass out on the road for you
That incident you thought you seen
baby girl baby girl it wasn't me
Who was it
Who was it

why you took my heart
my car my crib
got the nerves to take my kids
got the nerves to take my kids
you taking everything everything everything
damn right

You must ain't had none in a while
Cuz everytime you get horny you try to keep me from my child
Ain't that what you tryin to do baby un-huh
Boy I sexed you just because
Must be thinkin that your strokin was mo better than it was
Now I'ma make it short
Kiss off Goodbye I'm gonna see your ass in court


Why did you have go and sex my friends
Sex my friends sex my friends
Why did you have to take away my benz
Both of them Both of them
Why do you keep on calling on my phone
Now I got you thinkin about it thinkin about it
Why did have to leave me all alone
All alone all alone
Oh why oh why oh why
oh why oh why oh why oh
why why you takin everything
you taking everything
you taking everything-from me

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