Gerald Levert- Taking Everything

Source: Janis-

To my  heart
To my car
To my crib
To my kid

Never thought you bring me so much pain
Lord knows I tried to keep you happy girl, in every way
Out on the road doing my thang
Trying to keep you laced
Trying to keep a smile upon your face, girl
Was all my happiness in vain
Or did I place in you a little too much faith
Now nothing but memories
Never thought that this would be the price I had to pay

1 - 	You took my heart you took my car
	You took my crib
	Got the nerve to take my kids
	Got the nerve to take my kids
	You took my love and my life
	Girl you took my soul
	Taking everything from me
	Taking everything from me

 	You took my heart you took my car
	And you took my crib
	Tryin' to take my kids
	Girl you took my love then you took my soul
	Taking everything 
	Everything, everything
	Everything, everything

And now I'm sitting all alone
Trying to figure out where you and I went wrong
You know it makes me wanna cry
Just thinking about it 
Makes me wanna lay down and die
For the life of me I don't know how
That you could take for granted and disregard our sacred vows
Now nothing but memories
Never thought that this would be the price I'd have to pay

Repeat 1

Now I ain't never been no fool
I've always tried to keep my cool
I was faithful to you 
Never bruised you or used you
Even though sometimes you make me want to 
But I love you

You should try to understand
Girl I was your man
My life was in your hands, baby
My love was shinning over everything
It just wasn't part of your plan
No, no, no, no
What about the plans we had?
Now you're gone and I'm just gonna be a weekend dad, baby
Can I call you baby, or is that just a passing thing, baby
Listen to this sad soung I sing, yeah

Ad lib until fade

Remix Feat/Sylvia Rhone & Merlin Bobb
Source: Janis (

[GL]	Hey
[Nikki]	Hi 
[GL]	This is your dad, how you doing
[Child]	I'm fine daddy, I miss you
[GL]	I miss you too
	Whatchu doing
[Nikki]	I'm sitting here playing ___________
[GL]	Where's your brother
[Nikki]	Right here
[GL]	Oh you still, oh you gotta be quiet?
[Sylvia]Who you speaking to?
	Nikki, who you on the phone with?
[GL]	Fine, you oughta be quiet
[Nikki] (whispers) Cuz she's here too
[Boy]	Momma, daddy's on the phone

	Thought I told you 
        Don't call here no more
        I ain't gonna tell you
        But one more time
        Don't you call, no, yeah

I don't care what your father say
I don't care what your mother say
I don't care what your sister say
I don't care what them judges say
You can't take my babies away

[Sylvia]But you ain't got no choice
[GL]	Babies away, no, no baby

Listen, huh
Five years, two kids, and a dog
Boy, I cooked for you even cleaned your dirty drawers
Boy, I trusted you
But then I busted you

But it wasn't me baby, see
Mercedes Benz, famous friends and a maid
I was talking 'bout your heavy loan
While I busted my ass out on the road
For you
That incident you think you seen
Baby girl, baby girl, wasn't really me

[Sylvia]Huh, who was it? Who was it?
(You took my heart)

No no no no
(You took my cars)
Oh no
(You took my crib)
Why, why, why, why
(Got the nerve to take my kids)
Take my kids
(Got the nerve to take my kids)
Why you wanna take my kids?
(I'm taking everything, everything, everything)

I'm gon' take everything
All that you have is gonna be mine
(I'm taking everything, everything, everything)
Damn right, damn right, damn right, damn right

You musta had nuthin' in a while
Cuz everytime you get horney, tryin' to keep me from my child
Ain't that what you're trying to do baby?  Oh baby
You're just hateful girl, hateful girl, yeah

Boy I sexed you just because
Must be thinkin' that your stroakin' was more better than it was
See I'mma make it short

Ain't gotta be like that baby

[Sylvia]Oh yeah, kiss all your shit goodbye
[GL]	Ain't gotta be that way, no no
[Sylvia]I'm gon' see your ass in court
(You took my heart)
	I'm gon' take everything
(You took my cars)
	Take all your cars
	All your heart
[GL]	Take it baby
[GL]	You can have it baby
(You got the nerve to take my kids)
[GL]	Give me back my kids
[Sylvia]They're my kids
[GL] 	Give me back my kids
(I'm taking everything, everything, everything)

Wait a minute
See I been a little civil in this
But it's time to get serious
See yo' ass ain't been perfect
(I'm taking everything, everything, everything)
You coulda been a little bit more respectful
You wanna take it all, coulda been more helpful
Ain't been talking 'bout the sexual

[GL]	My money, can have it
[Sylvia]I got it
[GL]	My cars, can have it
[Sylvia]I wrecked it
[GL]	My crib, can have it
[Sylvia]I sold it
[GL]	My clothes, can have it
[Sylvia]I tried that, yeah
[GL]	My gold, can have it
     	My crib, can have it
     	Don't take my kids
     	See, see baby, I'mma have to put a rule on you, ha!
     	See, momma said you wasn't no good
[Sylvia]She never really knew me
[GL]	And daddy said, daddy said you didn't mean me nuthin'
    	You didn't mean nothin' but trouble, oh
[Sylvia]Your daddy tried to choose for me, do to me
[GL]	Oh, oh I shoulda listened
    	I loved you, oh
[Sylvia]Why, did you have to go and sex my friend?
        Sex my friend, sex my friend
[Merlin]Why did you have to take away my Benz
        Both of them, both of them
[Sylvia]Why do you keep on calling on my phone?
(Now I got you thinkin' about it, thinkin' about it)
[Merlin]Why, cuz I thought  my kids would be at home 
        All alone, all alone
        Oh why, why, oh why oh why oh why oh why ohhhhhhhh

What do I do now?  huh?
(What, what )
Huh, what do I do now, what that do me?
(What, what, what, what, why)
It's all fucked up now
It's all fucked up
(Taking everything)
Huh, what I do now, what I do now, huh?
(You're taking everything, you're taking everthing)
How 'bout you?
It's all fucked up
What the hell I do now?
(From me)
Huh, where will I go now?

Love and consequences, the end

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