Ginuwine- Alone

Source: Quita-

I'm all  alone, Baby pick up the phone. 
And call a brotha see what's on his mind...

Hello my love, yo it's me again.  I can't figure out where the hell you been.
Can you fill me in on just where we stand. I thought I was yo' nig I thought I
was your man. We used to share the things, things that lover's do. Can't loose
your love boy I'm telling you. All my life has been such a helpless race. Wanna
settle down, but with you I can't be fased Baby.

Sittin thinkin here bout the time we shared, Now i'm feeling down cause you're
never there. Contantly calling you, blowing up your phone. Wondering if you're
ever coming home. I can't think about nothing else but you. So there's nothing
left, I can't believe we're through. All this time I thought we would never
part. When we were in love darling you had my heart.


Hey, whatz up it's me. Where you at?? Pick up the phone baby. You know I didn't
mean what I said. But that's alright Imma keep calling.



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