Harlem World w/ Jermaine Dupri- We Both Frontin Source: Jaclyn (Jet2ansky@aol.com) [JD] Yo, Iím still lookin at the game you know And I see that itís just a lot of niggaz thatís just frontin Basically, you nah mean [Blinky Blink] Iím doin 150 wildin headin out to city island I see this shorty wit a pretty smile and Pushin a Prelude Hey you Diamond stud up in your navel Actin like it cost nine gís A real fine queen Eyes is light green She had a tattoo written in Chinese Only 25 spent her money wise Workout every day I could tell by her tummy size [Stase] Damn you got some funny eyes [Blinky Blink] Yeah I blink a lot Drink a lot You could catch me at the rink a lot But enough about me ma you look amazin Are you Haitian [Stase] Iím half that and half Asian My name is Raven Live in New Haven Until I find the right man My virginity Iím savin [Blinky Blink] The things I was sayin honey might be blazin Took her to the days inn Of course she gave in Chorus [Stase] No disrespect you look nice and shit But I ainít really tryin to price your shit Iím sayin I like that platinum o your wrist But why is there no ice in this [JD] The same reason why baby girl that ainít your hair [Stase] No the fuck you did not [JD] The same one rockin your home girlís gear [Stase] Oh no boo this is mines [JD] In fact why you tryin to hate on me When we both frontin basically [Loon] I be that slick thug See me in the strip club Wit a Dominican chick bout to get my shit rubbed Shit bugged how I lay up and sip bub You could front if you want lay in puddles wit dick blood Yo I get love Yo wherever I go Yo I die for my niggas but never no hoe So you know that the life I lead Is twice your speed Brown skin mammi thatís the wife I need Light that weed Front nigga might just bleed I might just squeeze matter fact I might just leaveí Cuz I donít need her Hoe that drink moet by the liter If you donít like me I ainít feelin your ass neither I need a true diva pushin a 2 seater If itís all right let my moms and my crew meet her In other words I need a chic off the meter The type that wild out when I eat her Chorus [Huddy Comb] Yo Huddy in the door Waiter gimmee four Bitches they adore From here to witchator Iím a jiggy cat Baggy jeans wit fitted caps Where my niggas at At the bar wit titi sacs You know I spends dough Get in clubs wit indo Let my shit blow Like a block on cris yo Iím poppin cris hoe While you sippin on crisco Iím at the disco Reminiscin on frisco And this goes to hunnies that be knowin your name Knowin your fame Know you rock a rollie and chain But it donít stop so get it get it Let Huddy hit it hit it She saw my ice she was really wit it She wanna settle down be committed She saw the drop wit the tvís in it Shit I gotta pay this hoe a visit Chorus

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