Juvenile- Juvenile on Fire

source: Blu-Hawk@webtv.net

Let's say I'm in a room with a bitch and a hoe don't wanna fuck,
like a man I'm a beat my meat and get my fuccking nut fo sho
she gone be droe then
and I'm a cut the tv off and go to sleep on tv
hat hoe then
now tell that to yo girlfriend
u tell her everything else
she gone be with her boyfriend
u gone be by yo damn self
While I'm in my Benz
with your friends
and she out here gettin nervous
baby I don't want nothing but some moutin lip service
don't act bad, don't get mad
that's all I can do wit you
cause I don't want your ass
look...Look  kinda fine
wit a nigga name on your spine
Now respect my fucking mind
how am I gone hit that from behind???
got a hoe cross the court
and my laboster next door
i'm gettin tiered of u heffers time for me to re-store
I dun fixed these bitches house up and had em' livin swell
but yet and still a nigga like me was eatin' at Taco bell
and after that shit all that trick shit I stoped it
and locked my fucking pockets
u can't pick it or pop it
now I get what I can get out of these hoes and I'm up
and if she wanna flex up then I'm a beat that hoe up
Chourusx3: Girl thats Juvenile u Don't know me on fire seventeen inch on hoes
like magic on a tire

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