Kai- Something Inside Of Me

verse 1:
i called you up tonite
girl we dont talk.. anymore
sometimes i fantasize..
that you would walk, right through that door

when i wake, your not there
still i know, that you still care..
something inside of me
tell me you want me
tell me you need me.. baby girl
something inside of me
tell me you need me
tell me you want me.. baby girl

verse 2:
how can i treat you right?
when you let my heart, just slip away (oh yeah)
so come and do me right
and i'll be the sun, that shines your way..

girl i'll be there, for you baby
now i know, that this much is true.. baby


i spend my nights, reading letters from you..
going over, and on in my mind..
i give my heart.. just for kiss from you
coz i can, i know deep down inside..

chorus to fade
(a little something. something
a little something. something)

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