K-Ci & JoJo- Don't Rush (Take Love Slowly)

The look within your eyes, baby
It makes me wonder why, lady
You want to be with me, darlin
When I thought we were just friends
Then you made your move on me
You started moving on me strongly
Even though nobody was around,
I still had to tell you to slow it down.


We don't have to rush the night away
There's always going to be another day
A time to make love and a time to play
What I'm trying to say, take love slowly.

When I took you to my house baby you got buck wild
And kicked off your shoes
Then you started dancing
And I said come over here have a little seat with me
All I wanna do is watch a little TV
She started rubbin' on my legs
Fingers in my hair
Then you got silly
Said let's play truth or dare
I'm not in the mood
Honey I swear
Babe you otta control
I had to get up out of there


Don't rush it-10x

Don't rush it baby


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