Keith Sweat- Can We Make Love


Oh, yeah...woaw, awoaw
Talk to me
Come into my bedroom (come into my bedroom..)
C'mon, c'mon
Come into my bedroom (baby make it real soon)
yeah, yeah

-Verse 1-
Do you remember, the time we spent, lovin each other
How much you mean, you said we never intend to fall apart
When you left me, you really broke my heart
I tried to play you, but you played me first
It was so foolish, oh, how on earth I think about you
Each and everyday oh, baby hear these words I say

Can we make love for old times sake
I remember, girl, the love we use to make
You were mine before you were his
Bring it on (bring it on) Bring it on, bring it on

As I sit and wipe my eyes I begin to question why
Ask myself what went wrong
How we didn't last so long
You blame me and I blame you, there was nuthing left to do
If we wouldn't thought it out, we probably could've worked it out
Now you don't belong to me, I think about you constantly
What am I suppose to do, I must've been a damn fool
To let your lovin' slip away, I think about you everyday
I must have been crazy to let you get away

*Chorus* til fade

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