Kelly Price- Secret Love


I've got a secret 
It's here in my heart,
And I can't even tell my friends
How much I adore you
I'm fallin' apart
I got to keep it deep within

The way that I love you
I can't even say 
I promised not to tell a soul 
It won't last too long a feeling so strong
And I can't hide the way....

I can't hide the way I'm feeling inside 
The pain is killin' me 'cause 
I wanna' let the world know it's you I'm lovin' 

It's something so special 
This thing that we share
So why can't we just let it go
It's easy to see it 
They know that we care
They know that we should be as one 
It's out in the open
Our cover is blown 
And I don't care who really knows 
I need to be with you 
Can't take it no more
Cause baby I need you......

Cause lovin' you feels so right (Lovin' you feels so right)
And I don't wanna' have to live a lie (I don't wanna lie)
With every touch (with every touch) I love you more
Don't wanna let my feelings show (I can't hide)

(Oh and I'm not afraid) I'm not afraid to let my feelings show
I can't hide them no more,(No more) no more (can't hide no more)
('Cause no matter what) No matter what they say it's never gonna change
The way that I feel for you, ('Cause boy I love you) Boy I love you (I love
you, I can't hide it no)

Chorus 2x's
ad lib until end.

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