Kenny Lattimore- If I Ever Lose My Woman

Source: Vince Ojascastro-

Girl I've been thinking bout what you mean to my life
Cause I know that without you things would not be right
Don't want to change our situation at all
But sometimes my mind tends to wander too far 

verse 2

I've seen some others and their love goes on for years
Can you assure me that we too will last for years
This is the only way to explain it to you
That if I had to live without you 
ain't no telling what I'd do 


Cause if I lose my woman
I hope that I'm the strong one
I can just see my reaction
No control of what would happen
It would surely tear my world apart
If I ever lose my woman I'd lose my heart 

verse 3

Remember when I promised you my faith and trust
I'm here to tell you that I'll never give you up
Baby my heart is in this all the way
And I don't want nothing about us to ever ever change 



Some say it's a part of life
And some can understand it, when others don't know why
But baby life without you wouldn't mean a thing oh no
I hope this never ever happens to me, no, no cause 


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