Mariah Carey w/ Da Brat & Krazyie Bone- I Still Believe (Remix)

Source: off Leonie's Lyrics

No matter what be may
No matter what people say I still believe
We can still be together
No matter what be may, No matter what people say
I still believe, We can still be together 

Baby I still believe
And it's more than my imagination
It's so real
I know we're going to be together
We're going to be, We can still be together 

(VERSE 1) We can still believe,I do believe, I find everything you say
Ten-four, Maybe more,but boy see you and me,Must end absurdity,But when you
wake up,You'll know, You never should've let it go,But baby you know it's
always been sure,I just want to certainly know,It's what living,In particular
my rhythm,Is for,And after all this time,You look into my eyes,Then I realize
I feel the same,My love for you never went away 

Baby I still believe
And it's more than my imagination
It's so real
I know we're going to be together
Baby I had a dream,And it's more than my imagination
Because I still believe,We belong together 

(VERSE 2) I'm still a believer of this, Don't stop Just when you look into my
eyes,I want you to visualize,And realize,You see it's never been too
easy,Being Krayzie Bone,To mention in that mental persuasion,Running it in my
brain,Oh, oh insane,I figure that's why,They're calling me Krayzie,Cause I
still maintain,We're going to struggle through all the hard times,Back in the
day,Peace and happiness is hard to find,Come on,We can get there,I'm not
trying to make excuses,And reasons,But these demons,Got me seeing
things,That's really misleading me,But baby that's just my life,Baby, I'm just
a thug,Cold hearted,But I can feel the love,Just keep the faith,And don't
break it,Shake all the fakers and haters,Next thing we know,We'll make it, I
said uh-huh,We got to believe,You got to believe 


 If we want to live 
Think of all my loving 
Nothing could be closer to you 
If we don't believe
 It's too late 

(RAP) How come you been Missing every bit of the feeling You get when you used
to hit this Cause can't nobody fuck like me They calling my business And
vicious lies can lead To innocent victims Losing their lives with greed
Papparazzi invading my privacy Obviously it's prophecy Ain't no article That
can stop me See even if my label'd drop me I'm gonna still sell copies I'm so
so phenomenal def Most known for leaving On the abdominal area Throat and
chest One of the baddest Mother as left Still puffing And loving nothing til
my last breath I only believe that what's possible You ain't none of my Mi
amigo friend Nigga be in the dugout Pretending to be unstoppable Lose the ego
Get in the way of my guns And they don't got no problem with rocking it The
best thing for you to do is run Cause I'm planning on popping it I gotta live
my life My life/Damizza For Da Brat don't get no sunshine 



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