Mia X- Unladylike

Source: QueenJ

(MiaX)What's up?
(KLC)What u think about this beat right here u could do something with this?
(MiaX)Shoo man KL u mothafucka this beat is fire.
(KLC)That's what I'm talkin' bout'I need u too drop some mack in that shit u
gone handle that hugh?
(MiaX)Nigga u know I got some of everything I'm unladylike.

(MiaX)Who dat is?
(KLC)What's happening, what's up?  That's yo people.
(MiaX)Oh, okay hey, hey,come here baby, why u booting up?  U know I love u.
(Her Man)Yeah, hu ha
(MiaX)What!  I know u still ain't trippin'cause u seen that nigga downtown?  I
don't care nuttin' about him!
(Her Man)Shoo
(MiaX)U ain't seen no kissin' u ain't seen huggin', none of that, no emotions,
cause I give all my emotions to u, don't I make u feel extra special?  Now look
at ya I see ya tryin' to fight that smile back on your face, come on there it
is, I knew u was gone give it to me, now give me some suger, Quack, right now u
know u a million dolla nigga so won't u go on and make it happen for mamma

1st Verse

See I flip scripts on niggas blow there minds like doing Ice burgs slim slim
toes I got my money and cloths from him gator skin boots and purses for my slick
verses when I ride it I twerk it beat they body jerkin' and twichin' then I
position my frame of though spit game eye contacts plans to soften heart I lie
if I have ta even cry if I have but in tha end its tha law they gone buy what I
ask for no questions I make um sling it all then bring it all to me I used to be
a rider a flyer now I'm retiring see I took lessons from Big Vibe in 67' she
still got them niggas down to do whatever I ain't gone lie it's well known I'm a
fool and a bitch niggas full blown niggas is suckers for head roll skills leave
for dead toes curled and shit moaning sying shivering like a little ole' bitch
just all the pimping and all the pussy whipping excites me after hearing this yo
ole' lady gone wanta be just like me scisty to keep my cream, proverty, and nice
right my games so tight its unladylike

(Man)Hello it's daddy, hey darling put mommy on the phone.  Yeah, Barbara it's
Richy yeah look I ain't never coming home no more, take it easy.

2nd Verse

I ain't right cause I especially send my nigga to play on and flirt with other
brauds with big cheese I even dress um and tell to say the shit we like to hear
tell her u want a comitment wanta build shit with um don't forget ta lick tha
pussy nigga eat yo wheaties cause u gone need ta bust about three or four nuts
on speedies cook her breakfast send her flowers all that then he gone come back
knowing where the safe and weights at then he gone take then bring it all to
mamma send me off to relax with my girls in tha bahamas sipping pina coladas
then I'm gone be on the sand plotting on his friends especially the dark one
with the 600 benz his ends is long he say he don't buy me shit 2 weeks later
that same nigga I was driving his shit took the keys to the crib prota full of
his cheese knew the scecret hiding place for the china and weed all my needs
he's trying to fulfill wanta be my #1 everytime I make him cum it's like the boy
gets dumner and dumner his mama say I got him on a!
 green reep left me shoping in newyork let him reposess her car, unlady like

(Man)U know I run run my hoes they do what I say just the other day I ran into
the law left without all my ends man I love my baby now I'm waiting for her to
come back she's been gone for 3 months

3rd Verse

Nigga MC's is always talking bout' that game they got wanta be pimps and players
but what about that deep pack heffer that got u missing studio sessions that u
calling her all day swetting is u tha nigga that get get on tha mike an say fuck
a hoe even though the one u love is up in yo bed with a nigga that I said bring
him back to me and 15% na na I listen records and I laugh u wait for and u know
this a pack to mack topic to a real pimp and I'm a drop cool off nigga I know u
mad but don't knock it true it hurts like lifes a bitch and she happen to be
down with no limit and runnin' shit mama mia X-RATED X-TRA HARD X-TRA TIGHT

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