Miss Jones- Smooth/The Other Woman

From: CD4949@plch.lib.oh.us

Chorus:Smooth uptown love thats the way that you lay it down baby,you
know that I like the way (repeat)

verse 1: Ya know how I feel,when you neel down before me,ya know that I
love it (ad lib), Thats why ya here to give me all of your love,so


Verse 2: Your love means everything,your dreams and hopes and words to
be,thats the reason why,i'm feeling so for real,It's not every day that
you find someone that can love you under the moon and the sun,I have you
gonna keep you(ad lib),and what ever you do whatever you say those are
the things that keep me feeling this way,I have you gonna keep,cause
your love is soo smooth.


*While doing the chorus do alot of libbing to the song fades

Miss Jones- Be Boy

The uptown crew,yeah,the uptown crew,once agin it's the youngest in
charge,Ron G,Boppin bumpin 1994 with Missjones,and a... come much

Chorus: Just where I wanna be boy,ya just where i wanna be be

Veres 1: I wanna take a moment and talk to you,cause i'm about to run a
way and give up on our thing, but it remains a sweet reminder,of where I
wanna be boy,In the arms a man thats strong and wants to give it to
me,boy I'm really trying,but giving ups so hard to do,listening to my
friends tells me i'm a fool for you,your the type of guy that dreams are
made of,I wanna be what you want when ya want and what ever you need,hey
boy cause your


Verse 2: I'm looking for the reason and I already know the deal,but time
and time again I try to ask myself if your love's for real,please won't
you level with me,because I want to let you knowthat i'm that i'm saying
whats on my mind,and it's where i wanna be,right bhere by your
side,giving you the love you need,you know I try,I do all I can just to
make you happy,won't make no demands on your time,a won't you get it
boy,I'm sure that you will find that that this is

*Chorus starts in the middle of her singing and repeats twice.

This is where IIIIIIIIII wanna be,it's just where I wanna be boy,a you
where you wanna be boy a yall where yall wannna be ya'll a we where we
wanna be yall,a come on,yeah,aaaaa (adding lib),uh uh uh uh (come on
now) did you really miss me?,ohh ohh ohhh, your a lie ( adding lib)

* add lob til' chorus fades

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