Nicole- Eyes Better Not Wander

     Nicole- Eyes Better Not Wander.


     Hey there, you boy, I done had it with this
     All day I've been watching your ways
     It seems when the ladies walk by
     Your head can't keep from turning see
     Finally I'm learning 
     No Way not ME I'm not havin that there
     I see soon we'll be headed our own way
     There's no explanation for me
     Cause you can't be hangin on me
     When your eyes are across the street oh~~~~


      I could care less about how hard it may be
      Your eyes better not wander when your walking
      Next to me, If she's so fine then that's where
      You should be your eyes better not wander
      While your walking next to me 

      OK, That's it I'm not feelin like this
      I see I'm just crampin your style
      Boy, don't you walk faster than me
      Let me holla at ya later I refuse to
      Be a hater,  Go head get that You go
      Kick with her  Don't trip I'm gon find me
      A new friend. It's so disrespectful to me
      When your hangin out with me but your eyes 
      Are across the street Oh~~~~~


     Oh~~~~~ooh,ooh,ooh,ooh Oh
     Don't go let em wander wander
     Don't go let em wander wander

    Till music instrumental.

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