Nicole Ray- Boy You Should Listen

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Oooh, oh
Oooh, oh
Oooh, yeah
Oooh, yeah
Momma always warned me about boys like you she said that all you wannna doIs run
over me like shoes And take, and take me to your crib And try to find something
sweet Wanna be the first To run and tell, you took my virginity But I'm gon',I'm
gon' hold out Until I know about love Kisses and hugs, I'm sure that that'll be
enough If you just wait, I'm gonna give it to you but before I do, this is what
I want you to do
1-  Boy you should listen Baby I ain't dissin I know you think I'm flipping you
won't catch me slippin Repeat1
All the other girls they are grown as me Seeing all the stuff they've done How
they wanna know aboout me I tell them about me and you, how we be holdin'out And
no matter what they say We gonna show what's love all about So when we finally
do our thing It's gonna be fine like wine, ooh Take some time to make sure it's
right So far as me and you, this is what we gonna do But you must listen first
To what I'ma say to you Repeat1 You won't catch me slippin
Ooooh, Oooh
Ooooh, Oooh
Ooooh, Oooh
Ooooh, Oooh
Chorus Repeat1

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