Noreaga w/ Kool G Rap and Musolini- 40 Island

Source: Dominique Lopez-

[Kool G Rap]
Rikers Island, Rikers Island
(Iraq Island, Iraq Island)
Rikers Island, Rikers Island
(Iraq Island)
[Chorus x2]

Yo, Listen to me 
young thug this is some advice
you do a snake you be payin' the price
catch you at the dice game
blow you out the frame
crack cheater, cause my niggaz is grimy
all we really love is reffer
I raq, the namealone got you shook back on the island
you got ya man hood took
but turn around when youwalk through
guns are hawk you, already took ya shit
no matter who you talk too
the 6 berra no take no deniro
no heat East Elmhurst, Haiser Street
you feel the fury when you want that bust, handcuff
wishing that you aint locked up
now you get tested, Jake tell you whan you get arrested
when you get there don't get molested
yo call the C.O. that wont be necessary
they watch ya beat ya down and take ya conversary
my adversary donaldly dick, dynasty rich
my whole cliq got paid lawyers and rips
gettin locked up, fell down, no time for this
aw, aw, aw when the gaged got caught in the car
start the law, not trying to be cold craft star
yo, you might be illin, you might be wildin
but you wont be smilin on Rikers Island
Rikers Island, Iraq.

Rikers Island, Rikers Island
(Iraq Island, Iraq Island)
Rikers Island, Rikers Island
(Iraq Island, Iraq Island)
Rikers Island, Rikers Island
(Iraq Island, Iraq Island)
Rikers Island, Rikers Island
(Iraq Island)

Juveniles get shook and see 74
mobb 2 ice grill when you walk through
come through a fly cached tested for that
see where your heart at
that fly shit niggaz want that
jerk on ya phone time
sweet niggaz get robbed blind
robbed for ya watch, robbed for ya shine
you better fake regimen
them niggaz do alot of dead and let'em see ya sweatin
and get PCed out protection
the by shit cause cliqs sent renim
and have you cut up if you dont pay up
crips and bloods all along with the caves too,
business as usually, a bunch of criminals
typical shit is critical, on a via nigga rippin' you
a daily ritual, jail talk is pitiful
not for everyone individual
I'm wit it and I wont go back
niggaz mad cause I keep a stack 
and dont talk crip nigga, word up.


[Kool G Rap]
See 74 adolescents now walk put ya hand to the floor
ya hear nigga gettin' tall holey blaze galore
tricks or ya fucking jaw to ya draw
see yo when I close watching you pour
how do you claws or how do I laws from takin yours
contemplated or talking you down from at the door
niggaz with cause leave you wit scars and open source
soon as ya boor get a swore stuck in ya faloor
sharpin up 1 son and become quick draw mcgraw
put up ya paws boors go why I saw the cause
cause livin shiesty could be pricely
niggaz kidnappin wify's while hearts cold as Italian Icy's
now buck and a half slide across his face lace some nicely
you gottin fiesty but where you stand is where the ice be
forever your life be gone in the wind
punchin holes all in your abdomen
when the thug cats come with the stabbin in the jury grabbin in
look out son they body slabbin in while you was blabbin in
now know what the fuck is happenin'.


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