Queen Pen w/ Meshell Ndegeochello- Girlfriend

Source: Dre'te Lee- dre_lee22@yahoo.com

Queen Pen talking: Meshell Ndegeochello, play it for me. C'mon talk to

Meshell talking: Well you know? It never ceases to amaze me...how everybody's
always in somebody elses buiseness,lookin' for something. But you know,for
what's it's worth,we can give a fuck!

chorus: Girlfriend,girlfriend,yes I had your girlfriend (if that was your
girlfriend, if that was your girlfriend, if that was your girlfriend, she wan't
last night) repeat

first verse: Now how you gon' just be playa hatin' on me? Cause' I got mad
bitches just wantin' me,and I got mad nigga's just checkin for me,you see I got
more stock than you ever see,I be,the one that your main sueeze be diggin',pull
you out your closet,sex all wicked. It's my buisness what I do,him or her,he or
she it's I.Q.,so why you be yapppin' and talkin' to your friends,beefin' bout
that yellow chick in the green benz, i'll be having all your peoples info with
the second part to my arm rest caparmento. She slid the number what you gettin'
mad at me for? She said she was single when she closed my car door


Meshell: So Queen tell me,where did you meet her?

second verse: On a suday night she was walking out the budah,I was just
chillin',minding my own buisness, sittin' on the corner,waitin' for my
sister,when she slid by mad me cough five times,wanted me to notice the rhythm
of her thigh, girls are just so funny to me (shit yeah), I can see how nigga's
get into these beats, she knew she had a man when she came up in the piece,she
said she was a regular how about me,if she gave me her number,will I call her
after three,the way she liked her lips Meshell, you just had to see, how this
chinese jamacian tryed to pull it by me,it never ceases to amaze me

Meshell: Don't nobody gotta know,just how much you want me


third verse: Now how I ran thru only a few,but you can back track and ask em'
how I do and how it tis',full of flyest chicks and the phattest wips,and run em'
all night like a rumble with a chick, and if it's all good then I feature it
again like a fixed remix,see you got's to be real like my ex,love me,you don't
have your man just stressin' out on me,cuase he can't control how you roll your
pussy,i'm a baller and I bent for a g,if I choose to juggle off then it's all on
me, see you claim that was your girl,but that's not how it seems,it never ceases
to amaze me

Meshell: Cause I like to get down if ya wanna I will, I love to love ya' baby

chorus til fade

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