R Kelly- Did You Ever Think

source: Nike877373@aol.cm

Did you ever think that would be this rich
Did you ever think taht you have these hits
Did you ever think that you be the don
Have a crib with a fiffty acre lawn
Did you ever think that you would be this paid
Were there times when yo ass was real afraid
Did you ever think that you would sell out tours
Have a show with fiffty million viewers

verse 1:
I used to think about how I was gonna make it
Struggling day to day just tryin to get this paper
Hoping the day would come when things would go my way
And now Iam living lavish and all I do is think and say


verse 2:
Now I've been around the world an dseen so many things
Partied in every club nothing but VIP
I never take for granted these luxuries I have
Just try my best to answer all of these questions that I ask

chorus (2x):

verse 3:
I used to play the game just like the same ole same
Dreamin' 'bout city lights it was my only life
And now this world I chose as if I did not own
Now I can't go nowher with you all wanting to know


verse 4
I used to dream about this life
Now I'm sitting on first class flights VIP

chorus (5x)

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