Rome- Crazy Love

(talkin softly)

I'm crazy love
i'm crazy Rome gots a crazy luv
come on one time for you sistas

Verse 1
I see your face
girl i loose control
cause i got a crazy love
for youuuuuu

I can't eat
I can't sleep
your always on my mind
i'm constantly thinkin of youuu

Chorus 2's
Crazy love (ooh , ah)
(going down ... down) ... down
Oh i got a crazy love

2nd verse
Gurl get so Jealous
when i see them watching you
cause i know whats on their mind
you sweet thang (sweet thang)
I can't lie
can't deny
i'm head ova heels
you put da spell on me
i'm hooked baby

Chorus 2's

3rd verse
There's no one on earth
whose compares to your luv
your the apple in my eye your sunshine
candy kisses
sweet wishes
is what i get from you
i pray that you stay here to the end


No i got to be crazy
Crazy foe this lady
now we ain't got no baby
and she still feed me
now maybe
its da sexual healin
that i'm feelin
but she breaks me down
way down till i'm need it
now we argue

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