Simple- Asian Girl

being with you makes me believe, the sun will always shine
and im glad that im with you girl and that your always mine
i close my eyes, and i know my trust is on your side
cause being with you, makes me believe, your one of a kind
beuaty like yours is hard to find, girl its so impossible
its your eyes and your smile that is so incredible

i believe you are so precious to deserve
you are the one so beautiful, my asian girl

your always in my dreams at nite, all the, time, yes you are
cause being with you i see and believe
your minds open to the world, its your pesonality thats real,
im glad your my girl
i open my eyes, im happy to say your here rite by, by my side
cause being with you, i know and believe, im in paradise
you make the stars smile at the world, cause your always happy
and you are worth more, than diamonds and pearls
and your sweet as candy


i said you are the one, so beautiful
my asian girl
(my x3's), my asian girl
your mine, my asian girl.

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