Tamia- You Put a move on my Heart

source: Brandy S. Lewis (Shakundala@yahoo.com) from Q's Jook Joint

Verse 1:
Time after time when I'm feeling low
Something inside of me let's me know
I't alright love's on my side
When the world seems a lonely place
I've got a dream that won't leave a trace
Of the Blues. I just think of you
And baby I know

I've got a real man here by my side
Someone who needs me holdin' me tight
And each special feelin won't ever fade
Cause I knew, I knew from the start
You put a move on my heart

Verse 2:
Baby our love's like a melody
Playing for us in the sweetest key
You can find the music of life
And when we touch there's the warmest glow
Heat in the passion that heaven know's is a dream
Just for you, you and me
And Baby I know...

Repeat Chorus

Baby believe me this isn't dramin suga
I knew, Iknew from the start
You put a move on me, OOOH you got through
to my heart.

Baby can't you see you and I were meant to be
Hold me love me
Put your hand in mine Love me till the end of time
Hold me love me


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