Total- I Don't Wanna Smile

Source: Li

I Don't Wanna Smile

If you're ever to leave me, how could I breathe, how could I even go on
If you're not here beside me, What good would my life be
This life won't mean a thing if you're not around
And don't you know that, if I loose you there'll be no joy to be found, oh
This world won't show a thing to me

Oh, I don't wunna smile, if you're not smiling with me
I don't wanna laugh, if youre not there to share the laughter with me
i dont wanna live, without you
What kinda life would that be, oh baby, oh baby
I don't wunna smile, if you're not smiling with me.

If there's ever a moment, when you're not there
Sharing these moments with me, It will be such a sad song
It will all just be over, the stars won't shine as bright if you walk away
And don't you know that there'll be no reason to wake up everyday, oh
This would won't mean a thing to mean.
(Rep. Chorus)

I don't wunna see the sun rising if I can't see it with you
I just know that there will be no job if anything I do
This world would be too sad for me.

(Rep. Chorus til fade)

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