Touch - Romeo

Source: from leonie's lyrics 

    I think it's gonna be you and I all alone
      Let's take advantage of this night
      Play some sexy music
      You'll be six and I'll be nine
      Just taste a little sample of my love
      While I sip yours
      I'll play the role of Romeo
      Be my Juliet and we can do it all night long

      * I just wanna share my world with you
      There's no other girl I'd rather do

      ** Lemme be your Romeo for one night
      If the mood is right
      You're the castle that I call my home
      No need to be alone
      Lemme be your Romeo for one night
      If the feeling's right
      I wanna love your body all night long
      Why don't you bring it on

      Now baby, are you ready for love
      Just come along (play with me)
      I'll lick your body if you want me to
      Tell me your fantasy, there's nothing I wouldn't do
      And I won't stop 'til I hear you scream, if you know what I mean
      I'll be your sex machine, do I sound obscene?
      I'll be your Romeo, you'll be my Juliet
      And I'll go downtown if you're down

      (pre-hook* & hook**)

      I've been waiting for this special moment baby
      When our bodies become one
      (open yourself to me)
      And I will satisfy your every need babe

      Let's play games, you and I
      Show me where the treasure lies (2x) 

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