Twin Beat w/ Missy and Silkk the Shocker- Love is Paradise


 Missy: who u wit? where u from? around the way ?!, oh my god! Twin Beat,
Solid Niggas, Make em cum and i shiver, Them Bitches don't know who they mess
wit! Twin Beat, Soul n Sexin' make em take em oh break em make em cry, so do
I, be bad ass motha Fuckas, Shit Me n Twin beat don't  be no suckas!!

Cyrus: oh,oh,oh,oh-Cammy: yea,yea,yea,yea-TB:
Chorus:  2X
TB:Love is Paradise, and it feels so right,doin it all night,it is so devine,
damn u so fine,drink up the wine,by mornin' time,we'll be alright!!
Cyrus:Oh,oh! I can't deny the luv i feel inside.U lighted up my life,when i
saw u that night, the Moon became...... Sunshine!!!
Cammy:Oh,oh! I can't hold this love for u, in my heart it feels so ture! Make
no mistake, I don't lie, Come mornin' time, you will be
mine,luv,luv,luv,luv,luv! yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Chours 2X
Cammy:Why can't you see? we were ment to be! The look on yo face, You act like
your ashamed! My plan fo you is to be wit me, My goal to reach is to make sure
your happy!
Cyrus: Oh! Try to balance our love at a stedy pace, wit yo long legs,and silkk
lace,yo lucious lips,and yo sexy eyes,they take me on a one way trip ta heaven
and then to
Chorus 4X
Missy:Stop,stop....Hold up drop, yo shit inside fills me up, takes me to
paradise,Don't yo niggas nockin' at my door, i got the shit ta make ya CUM
some mo, If you aint satisfied,Silkk:i'll testify!,Missy:Dan't hand me dat
shit! get dropped like a bitch!!, Niggas want a Fuck, Shit now they out a
Silkk:Wah,Wah? Paradise aint no shit if you really don't want it, niggas get
paid ta get laid,pass some a dat Henissae! I got pleanty what ya need,get some
soap ta wash it clean, if it don't smell a sell right,shit bitch,we don't Fuck
tanight!Missy:Nigga,take it slow!Silkk: Ho,like Busta Rhymes,u gon be sayin
"Gimmie some MO!" Now Damn girl wat u want? Missy:That Damn chain I
bought!Silkk: Now damn girl!, what u need?Missy: Some a ME,U, & uhh..........
Silkk: & some a Twin Beat!!Missy:Awww Shit,ya know wat i mean?
Chorus 2X
TB:Hell ya!!!

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