Uncle Sam - I Don't Ever Want To See You Again

Early one morning while you were asleep
I received a letter but there was no addressee
So I paid it no mind, in fact
I wanted to send it back
But something that I was feeling
Said open it

It said dear reader, once close friend of mine
I hope that this letter finds you in time
Cuz your love is ending
And my life's just beginning
With a woman that I know you hold dear to you
And it made me wanna say

1 - I don't ever wanna see you again
But I stuck by you 'till the end
And my conscience is clear
And I can move on from here
But I wish I could say the same for you, baby

I don't ever wanna see you again
But tell me why did it have to be my best friend
That you were messing around with
I didn't want to notice it
I was true to my love for you

It took me a minute to wake up and see
What the love of my life was doing to me
I wanted to lay down and die
Cuz my pride wouldn't let me cry
Somehow I knew I had to get over it

He said he couldn't understand
Until he felt your touch
Now he can see why I love you so much
And that's so unfair
I never thought I'd have to share
Your love that I thought was given
To only me
And that's why

Repeat 1

And you say you love me?
Love musta been blind
Cuz I sure didn't see this one coming
My best friend, huh?
They say keep the one's you love close
And your enemy's even closer
But I can't win for losing, girl
Cuz the one I thought was a friend to me
Ended up being my true enemy

Listen to me baby
I gave you everything
My love, and my ring
And you, oh what you layed at me
And I don't wanna see you again

Repeat 1

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