Whitney Houston- Oh yes

source: lil_chell@hotmail.com

I say yes boy
ooh yes
I say yes boy
ooh yes
(uh uh uh uh)
turn me up
oh oh ohh ohh
ooh yes
oh yes
yes yes

the day
you held
me in your arms
i still smell the scent of
you on my dress
you were so masculine
the way i felt your chest
up next to mine
I felt you move in my heart
and now I breathe love

you were so amazing
unbelievable baby
it's you that makes me smile
when everything is crazy
you're the one I love
no other man can faze me cuz
you're in my heart, i'm in your heart
every minute daily
yes yes yes
yes yes yes yes yes
yes yes yeeeesss

The time you looked into my eyes
I felt lke fallin in love baby
and i was mezmerized cuz it's somethin that you do
that makes me feel this way and i can't explain
you're my joy my peace
my happiness and you you you you baby

(chorus 2x)

you're the best love i ever knew
can't nobody do me like you do
put you down on my last dime
no one else worth none of my time
everything about you i love
you were sent from the stars above
you came here to rescue me
i am free

(chorus until fade)

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