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b i t e r . u p d a t e [2000.12.25]
Happy holidays to all (except faggots from Pinoy Productionz). I just want you all to know that we have biters among us. go to:


Please flame their guestbook for copying my design. BITERS WILL DIE.

s i t e . n e w s [2000.08.15]
Integra and Civic pics under [autos].

s i t e . n e w s [2000.08.14]
more maxima pics under [images]. skyline pics under [autos].

s i t e . n e w s [2000.08.12]
the site is up! up on my real url! woohoo! image set 2 was just added. more in the autos section to come.

s i t e . n e w s [2000.08.03]
i finally got around to update this page. has it been years already?! i like this layout a lot better than my previous. its also easier for me to work with. as long as i dont get lazy again, you can expect a totally revamped page. strap in and brace yourself. once you get going, there is no turning back.

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